Automated Customer Notification, Payment & Scheduling Software

ServerLogic’s SchedulePoint software is the solution to traditional methods of scheduling deliveries, saving labor, money, and eliminating daily bottlenecks that hamper efficiency.

SchedulePoint is an automated customer notification, online payment and delivery scheduling system that calls, emails and texts your customers for you.

  • SchedulePoint easily automates your product arrival notifications, delivery scheduling and reminder process through the use of automated phone calls, custom email and text messages.
  • Online website for you so your customers can pay and schedule deliveries from their computers, tablets or smart phones!
  • It’s web-based, easy-to-use and can be integrated with your existing business process and POS system

Product Features

Streamline your operations with SchedulePoint to see the difference automated scheduling can do for your business.

Keep people coming back, make sure your last impression on a customer is a lasting one. With simplicity and ease customers always are given an experience that will keep them coming back. The interactive nature of SchedulePoint give the power over to the customer, giving them a tool that works around their lives. 

Join the SchedulePoint community and transform your business into the world of automation to discover a better way of doing business.

When we initially implemented SchedulePoint we were excited that we could schedule our furniture deliveries without involving our staff resources. We simply needed to approve the orders and the SchedulePoint System would do the rest. Once the arrival notification calls were made by SchedulePoint, our customers would be able to schedule their own delivery and pay their balance over the phone. However, we were concerned about how our customers would receive this kind of automated service. To our surprise, they loved it! Since so many people refill prescriptions and do over the phone banking, they were not at all bothered by interacting with the automated software.

Brad Parker

Owner LZBFG Portland, OR

“Because of SchedulePoint we have been able to eliminate all of our call center positions generating significant savings in direct labor costs. A side benefit we did not expect is that our backlog in the warehouse has been reduced by over 30%, and we no longer have that cash tied up in inventory on the warehouse floor. I cannot imagine going back!”  

Brad Parker

Owner LZBFG Portland, OR

Before SchedulePoint we had 3 people doing delivery scheduling; now we only need someone part-time to cover for the times customers wish to speak directly with an operator.

Brad Parker

Owner LZBFG Portland, OR

“During the first month of operation our inventory waiting to be shipped was reduced by 50%, adding nearly $500,000 to the cash flow”

Ed Breunig

Owner LZBFG Phoenix, AZ

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