Email Archiving, Compliance and Secure Email Solutions

Contact us today and tell us what we can do for you

Contact us today and tell us what we can do for you

Email Archiving

ServerLogic’s email archival solutions are designed to help companies meet their needs for regulatory compliance and business continuity while improving the access and availability of archived email.

The amount of email traffic, running through even small offices can be staggering. And many of these messages need to be stored, backed up and easily accessed when needed. With ServerLogic’s archiving solutions, you can bring the exact information you need, at the click of a mouse. In addition, you enjoy:

  • Unlimited storage and secure archiving
  • Easy and instant access to messages when needed
  • Compliance support for email archives
  • Data protection through transport and storage
  • encryption
  • Reduced legal risk and improved compliance with regulations

ServerLogic’s archiving solutions can help you reduce your legal risks and ultimately your costs and to comply with the many email retention and supervision policies that companies of all sizes have to deal with including FINRA and SEC regulations. Our email experts can create a central archive of all your electronic mail communications which is easy to use and searchable so you can always get your hands on your data when you need it.


As the internet has taken over the way businesses run and so much data is now online, compliance with increasingly strict data privacy laws is all important. So companies of all sizes need to ensure they have compliance solutions in place especially as government policies are being rolled out to enforce standard practices in the area of data retention. Companies have to make important decisions about what to delete, what to encrypt and how to prevent leaks.

Many government regulations such as the Health Insurance Accountability Act (HIPAA) mean that there are many significant and complex requirements that need to be met regarding protection and archiving of many kinds of corporate information.

ServerLogic can help develop such solutions that can meet the needs of companies looking to improve their corporate governance and ensure that when they do business they are in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Secure Email

Many industry regulations also include the requirement of sending secure (encrypted) email to protect sensitive and confidential information. ServerLogic provides secure email solutions that work seamlessly with your email archive, work on a variety of devices and platforms and allows firms to implement flexible and customizable policies to protect both you and your clients.

Don't let online threats be the downfall of your business. Email Archiving & Compliance Solutions from ServerLogic assures your email is working to benefit your company, and not leaving you vulnerable to security problems.

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