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Convert Your Prospects into SALES

Finally a simple tool that makes it easy to bring your unsold customers back into your store to purchase!

MarketPoint provides a proven system used by many of the most successful La-Z-Boy dealers in the nation to target prospective customers that have recently visited your store, but did not purchase ("be backs").

Now you too can dramatically increase your sales revenue and reinforce relationship based sales in your stores!

What if you could easily organize special sales events every 3-4 weeks - where in a single day you could generate 3-6x the sales revenue of a typical weekday? Across all your stores?

On average, 75% of your sales opportunities leave your store without purchasing.  MarketPoint gives you a proven follow-up system to help you bring these prospects back into your store.

MarketPoint makes this easy by providing a system to create and manage these special sales events used to target potential customers that have visited your store but did not purchase.  By having the ability to target this group with special sales event promotions, MarketPoint users have been able to capture significant additional sales revenue.

Cost effective, measurable and target marketing that creates significant revenue on your "slow days"!  Easily integrates with your business processes and POS system.

Bring prospects back into your store, generate a higher ticket average, and create a positive change in your sales culture!

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