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Software Products for the Retail Furniture Industry

ServerLogic has partnered with industry experts to develop innovative software products that solve real-world business problems and turn them into business advantages! We help our customers run their business more effectively, efficiently, and with less cost, allowing them to be more competitive and profitable.

  • SchedulePoint© replaces the high costs and huge hassles of manual delivery scheduling with an automated customer notification system for product arrival and delivery scheduling--that is easy-to-use and affordable.
  • MarketPoint© gives you a simple platform to collect your prospective customer’s information and implements a proven follow-up system to help you maximize your return sales by 3-6x a typical day on your MarketPoint events.
  • ProductPoint© was developed specifically for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries using the GERS system, and provides visual product configuration tools that simplify creating special orders, price tag and floor book printing, and much more!


Our Automated Customer Notification and Delivery Scheduling System will save you time and money!

“I’ve had customer compliments on how easy and convenient it was for them to confirm their deliveries via text with SchedulePoint. I also noticed that just 10 minutes after the system sent out the notifications, more than half of our orders had confirmation codes... That’s AWESOME!”

Brooke Scott
Mor Furniture for Less
San Diego, CA 


Dramatically increase your special sales event revenue and reinforce relationship-based selling!

"Our overall sales have dramatically increased as a direct result of using the MarketPoint System. The bottom line is that we close a lot more sales and improved the business dynamics of our sales team. I can't imagine going back to running this business without MarketPoint!"

Tom Foster
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Indianapolis, IN 


Visual SKU generation & catalog management makes creating special orders a snap!

"We love ProductPoint!  It not only saves time but it ensures that my special order SKU's are accurate by eliminating the human error element - and the number of kick outs from La-Z-Boy corporate has dropped to almost nothing."

Vicki Bernier
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Albuquerque, NM


Provides all the advanced features that a multi-store operation or warehouse distribution centers depend on:

  • Automated customer delivery and payment notification using outbound calling, email and SMS text messaging
  • A simple-to-use dashboard for tracking calls and delivery status
  • Automatic call status updates and daily status reports
  • Easy integration with your existing business process and POS systems (GERS, Storis, Myriad)
  • Web-based, easy to install, easy to use, and integration is handled by ServerLogic not your IT staff 

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What if you could easily organize special sales events every 3-4 weeks, where in a single day, you could generate 3-6x the sales revenue of a typical weekday? 

MarketPoint makes this easy by providing a system to create and manage these specialized sales events to target potential customers that have visited your store but did not purchase. 

  • Cost effective, measurable and targeted marketing that creates significant revenue on your "slow days"!
  • Easily integrates with your business processes / POS system, including Myriad, GERS, RMS, and PROFIT Systems!
  • Typical ROI after 1 MarketPoint event! 

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Designed specifically for La-Z-Boy independent dealers. It helps eliminate costly custom order errors, allows you to browse your product inventory real-time, simplifies creating and printing floor catalogs and custom price tags. 

  • Special Order-SKU generation that uses an intuitive image-based tool that allows you to SEE what you're creating!
  • Generates and prints your product Price Tags!
  • Products can be easily browsed in all locations including your warehouse or searched by category, family, store, interstore transfers, SKU, vendor, and VSN.

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