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Attention GERS Users! ProductPoint Makes It Simple!

ProductPoint was designed specifically for La-Z-Boy independent dealers like you to help eliminate costly human errors when building custom order SKUs.  It also allows you to browse your product inventory real-time, while also simplifying creating and printing floor catalogs and custom price tags!

ProductPoint is an image based, intuitive tool that is simple to use--both you and your sales team will love it! This web-based software integrates with your GERS system to browse your available product inventory and create custom order SKU’s in as little as 9 seconds, without errors — saving you thousands in kick-backs! Because ProductPoint allows your sales staff to stay with their customer during their special order process, your sales staff can also sell more add-ons because every option available is presented on an easy-to-view page.  Perfect for tablet use!

ProductPoint Feature Highlights

  • Special Order SKU generation that uses an intuitive image-based tool that allows you to SEE what you're creating
  • Browse your products with La-Z-Boy images, easily and in all locations, including your warehouse
  • Helps increase your special order business significantly
  • Generates and prints your custom product Price Tags
  • Web-based, easy-to-install and use

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