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Managed Print Services

Reduce Costs and Eliminate Printer Maintenance Hassles with Managed Print Services

Did you know that printing costs can often consume 2-3% of a company’s revenues and may account for the 3rd highest office expense behind rent and payroll? One reason this sneaks up on people is because all of the associated printing expenses are hard to identify and track. Most businesses don’t have the time to track not only the purchase or lease price of their printers and copiers, but also the toner, ink, paper, maintenance and service, as well as the parts and labor needed to keep your office humming.

ServerLogic managed print services can help you identify all of your related printing and copying costs so you can begin to make informed decisions and begin saving money. A print assessment will identify areas where you can improve efficiencies, streamline the process for service and maintenance and eliminate the hassles with supplies and consumables.

Managed print services can help you save in these ways:

  • Reduction in the cost of your total spend on printing and copying
  • Proactive care and preventative maintenance will keep your print devices running with fewer issues
  • Through device monitoring, consumables will be automatically ordered so you never run out
  • Service and support can be centralized eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors

It’s simple to get started – just complete the form on the right to schedule your print assessment and let the savings begin.

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