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Data Backup

Data is the lifeblood of your business

Small businesses often rely on backup systems that can leave them vulnerable to permanent data loss, extended downtime and no real disaster recovery plan.  Further, these systems do not provide for rapid recovery from the most common type of disaster – simple server failure – leaving the business exposed to extended downtime.

Have you considered how long you could afford to be down due to a computer failure or disaster?

Basic data backup is not enough

Despite a complete reliance on computer systems and the data that they hold, many small businesses still use unreliable tape systems and other basic backup solutions (i.e., nightly backup to a USB drive) to protect their critical business data.  Of course backing up your data is essential – it is simply not enough in many cases.  Basic backup solutions most small businesses use only back up the data files and not the entire server image.  The potential problem comes when you need to recover from something as simple as a crashed server.

With a “data-only” backup, that server needs each bit of the software that it runs on reinstalled manually, before any attempt to restore the data is possible.  This manual reinstallation process often takes 3 – 5 days making it a painfully lengthy process; all the while leaving you exposed and unable to conduct business.  Once the server is operational again, you can attempt to restore the data, while crossing your fingers that the backup was in fact good.

Risks associated with inadequate backups are severe

If you have someone testing your backups on a daily basis, congratulations are in order because you are in the top 5% of the class. We routinely find that basic backup systems have failed and small business owners had no idea.  It worked at one point so they had no reason to doubt it.  However, the risks of a failing backup are severe; Price Waterhouse Cooper researched the effect of downtime and data loss on SMBs and found that approximately 70 percent of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.   Study author Bruce T. Blithe says that 75 percent of companies without business continuity plans fail within three years of a disaster.

Advanced Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation for Small Business

Until now, only large enterprises could justify the costs associated with a comprehensive backup, business continuation and disaster recovery solution.   These solutions typically required not only huge investments in systems and infrastructure, but also a full-time dedicated staff to ensure that the complex systems would work correctly when disaster strikes.  Fortunately, advances in server virtualization technologies along with the decreasing cost of storage and bandwidth, now make it feasible for small businesses to have enterprise-class data loss protection at a price that is affordable.

If you have at least one server and are concerned, or simply unsure of your ability to survive a data disaster, give us a call.  We will perform a FREE assessment of your current backup system and advise you of the data-loss and extended downtime risks.  There is no obligation and we will provide you with either 1) a seal of approval that your current system is adequate based on your requirements for recovery time and disaster preparedness or 2) our recommendations for a system that will meet your requirements.  After all, wouldn't you rather know prior to a disaster – whether or not you are adequately protected?

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