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Increase Your Sales Revenue with a VIP Culture

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Boost your sales strategy by creating a “VIP culture” for your customers. People like to be valued and feel appreciated. By offering special clients exceptional VIP treatment you will increase your sales conversions and purchase dollars, while naturally encouraging repeat sales to your loyal clients.

Offering customers specialized promotions will help create a VIP culture and grow sales revenue.

Offer Slower Day Promotions

Does your organization have a day of the week that is slower than other days each week?  Use those weaker days to let your best clients know how much they are appreciated by sending out special “VIP” sales promotions offering these client’s a special promotional discount on certain product items or a flat discount for the entire store for that day only. Send these personalized VIP invitations by mail or email and have your sales associates follow up with a phone call for confirmation that they received the ‘special invitation only mailer’. More importantly, have the sales associates set appointments by getting verbal agreements that the clients will be in attendance. It’s important to let the customer know that this is a special event for VIP customers only. This creates a sense of urgency, makes them feel special and fills up what is typically a slow business day with a productive day for your business.

Also, consider boosting the atmosphere of the VIP event with feel good extras such as catered lunch or fruit and cheese platters.

Follow-up on Prospective AND Sold Customers

Make your customers feel like VIP’s by surprising them with a special hand written note (or if your budget doesn’t allow for that, send a branded email message) thanking them for coming into your store even if they didn’t purchase; and send a hand written thank you to those that did purchase. Assure them that you appreciate their business and include any follow-up details that are appropriate. A few days later, call to see how they like their new purchase and if the client has any further questions or concerns that your business might help them with.  It is also a good idea to follow up on warm leads created during the event. These simple actions will make you stand out from your competition!  

Sponsor Special VIP Events

Everyone wants to be the first to have the latest and also like to feel like they are special. Take advantage of this by inviting appropriate customers to a product preview, a new product launch event, a seasonal open-house or a special promotional discount sale.  When you have advance notice that you’ll be offering a new product, have a pre-sale event and invite them to a closed door special event sale. Zero in on the clients who would potentially respond positively or benefit the most from this new product or service. Strongly encourage or incentivize every sales person to confirm attendance of a minimum number of customers or prospective customers to each event. Pre-sell orders on the phone when possible and create a selling buzz around the event for both sales associates and customers.  

By consistently following the VIP strategy, you’ll soon see increased customer satisfaction, a more motivated and engage sales staff and best of all – a positive effect on your bottom line. Try it and see!